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At Arsenal Mfg we take pride in our products and can proudly say that they are Made in the USA! Although our products are Made in the USA, they are available worldwide through our growing network of dealers. 

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The Wizz-rd (Wizz Relief Device) Race Catheter
$15.00 USD
Race like the pros with The Wizz-rd external catheter kit from Arsenal Mfg!
  • Self sealing external catheter (rolls on like a condom)
  • Tubing connector
  • 40" of brightly colored latex tubing (more than enough to get it where you need it)

Designed to fit comfortably down your pant leg and through a hole in the floor letting you focus on the task at hand. The Wizz-rd saves you valuable time by letting you go on the fly instead of stopping, getting out of the race vehicle, removing your safety gear, frantically running to a bush to let loose only to re-gear and re-enter the vehicle before getting back in the race. Your only other option is to wet yourself, leaving a soggy seat for your team mates or standing on the podium with a wet race suit.
So what are you waiting for?
Unless you enjoy sitting in your own urine or holding up the team, order The Wizz-rd today!
Also great for:
  • Trail Rides
  • Long Haul Truckers
  • Hunting/Fishing
  • Just for fun
  • & More
Quick Release Extinguisher Mount

$54.99 USD

Off-Road, 4X4, UTV, Road Racing, Drag Racing, Street Car, RV, Emergency Vehicle, Boating, Aircraft, etc.

This is something that no vehicle should be without. Made of lightweight aluminum plate that is CNC laser cut and formed to cradle your extinguisher for a rattle free fit every time! Unique design allows either flat surface or roll bar mounting options with a left or right handed operation!

  • Quick release mount allows both straight and 90 degree positioning to any size tubing or flat surface.
  • Extremely strong design, CNC laser cut and CNC formed aluminum is TIG welded for superior strength.
  • Your choice of 1lb or 2.5lb depending on your needs (1lb mount also fits the H3R Halguard 1.4lb bottle).
  • Stainless steel straps are lined with rubberized cork to eliminate all vibration.
  • Heavy duty quick release latch, simply pull on the T-Handle to release. 
  • Race tested in some of the harshest conditions. 
  • Designed to accept hose clamps or the Axia Alloys universal roll cage mounting brackets (not included).
  • Available in raw aluminum (1 lb), wrinkle black powder coat (2.5 lb), or "Polished" Powder Coat (2.5 lb) finishes.

*Extinguisher Sold Separately

Silt Swipe - Retractable Visor Wipe
$15.00 USD
Off road racing is a mentally and physically demanding sport. Why get distracted digging around for your visor rag or waiting for your co-driver to hand one to you so that you can wipe the silt/dust/mud/water from your visor? The Silt Swipe conveniently clips to your harness to stay within reach when you need it most. You can also mount it to any tube in the vehicle by using a zip tie.. To top it off we incorporated a retractable tether enabling you to grab, wipe, and let go while the Silt Swipe returns to its mounting base for the next time you hit a deep hole sending more debris and silt into your vehicle. 
  • The Silt Swipe is always in the same spot alleviating the need to lose focus on the race while you dig around for your rag. 
  • 360° Rotating base allows you to pull in any direction without binding.
  • Retractable tether extends 26" from the base allowing you to wipe down your visor, GPS screen, gauges, etc from one location.
  • 10" x 10" Microfiber cloth eliminates scratching up your visor while cleaning.
  • Quick release carabiner clip allows you to swap out cloths on the go if needed.
  • Spare microfiber cloths available separately.
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